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2015 March Forfar Farmers Market Recipes

posted 4 Mar 2015, 09:43 by WeeCOOK Kitchen   [ updated 6 Mar 2015, 02:10 ]

Kirrie Ale battered onion rings

2 onions from the market

250ml of Kirrie Ale

200g Self raising flour from Aberfeldy Oatmeal

Corn flour or rice flour

Sea Salt

Black pepper

Vegetable oil

1 jar of Isabella’s Preserves Devilish Tomato dip or Allan’s chilli sauce.

1 heaped teaspoon of English mustard (more if preferred)

Glug of Worcestershire sauce

cayenne pepper


1. To make the batter pour all the beer into a mixing bowl, add a pinch of salt. Whisk in a dessert spoon of self raising flour at a time to prevent lumps and keep adding flour until you have smooth batter.

2. Heat a deep fat fryer or carefully heat a high sided pan with 1-2 inch of oil to 190 degrees centigrade. Use a probe and never leave hot fat unattended.

3. Peel and slice the onions into rings.

4. Place the rice flour in a bowl and season with a little pepper.

5.Dip each onion ring lightly in the flour then immediately dip into the batter and then place into the hot fat.

6. Fry the onion rings both side until hey float and are a lovely golden brown. Remove them with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen roll.

7. Serve them with your favourite Isabella’s preserve dip or Allan’s chilli dip.

Welsh rarebit with spring greens

200g Grated Granite city cheddar from Devenick dairy

125-140ml Milk

3 heaped teaspoons flour

25g of butter

100ml of Kirrie Ale

1 egg (yolk only)

1 heaped teaspoon of English mustard (more if preferred)

Glug of Worcestershire sauce

Salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper (as preferred)

Toasted bread or toasted baguette slices

Broccoli from John Reid & sons


1. Boil beer in a pan it until it reduces down to half a tablespoon

2. Melt butter in a pan, add flour, cook and stir until it looks like a paste

3. Stir in the milk bit by bit until you have a very thick, smooth white sauce and simmer for a few minutes then add the cheese.

4. Gently melt the cheese (on and off the heat) into the mix until you have a smooth, thick cheesy sauce. Off the heat mix in the beer, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, a sprinkle of cayenne, black pepper, salt and egg yolk into the sauce then allow it to cool.

5. Cook broccoli florets in salted simmering water for 2-3 minutes, then drain.

6. Spread the cooled rarebit mix onto pieces of toast and brown under the grill, then garnish with black pepper and serve with the broccoli.

WeeCOOKIES Eggy Easter chicks

Eggs from John Reid & Sons

Mayonnaise/Salad cream

Carrot from John Reid & Sons



1. Immerse the eggs in a pan of cold water then bring to the boil and simmer for 9-11minutes depending on the size of the eggs. Remove from the pan place in a bowl and run under a cold tap to cool the eggs down quickly.

2. To make the chicks, peel each egg. Cut a small 2mm thick slice off the bottom of the egg so it sits up. Cut the top off each egg so you can scoop the cooked yolk out carefully without damaging the egg white.

3.Place all the egg yolks in a bowl and mix with a little mayo or salad cream into a yellow thick paste. Cut small triangles out of carrot (these will be the beaks for the chicks)

4. Place the yolk paste into a piping bag with a star nozzle and pipe it back into the egg whites. Decorate the eggs to look like chicks using the carrot for a beak and currants for eyes then place the egg white lid back on top like a hat.