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Forfar Farmers Christmas Market 21st Dec 2013

posted 16 Dec 2013, 05:04 by WeeCOOK Kitchen   [ updated 23 Dec 2013, 05:16 ]

Hot smoked salmon parfait


250g Hot smoked flaky salmon from Arbroath fisheries

1 teaspoon horseradish sauce from Isabellas preserves

1/2 a lemon juice from John Reid and sons

10g chives

2-3 tablespoons of creme fraise 

1 x Dessert spoon dill mustard from Isabella preserves

2 dessert spoons of mayonnaise

100 ml White wine vinegar

1 tablespoon of icing sugar

Mustard dill relish from Isabellas preserves

Cucumber and carrot from John Reid and sons

Hand made oatcakes from Aberfeldy oatmeal

Sea salt and black pepper

1. Peel the skin off and remove any bones from the smoked salmon

2. Put the salmon, lemon juice, and horseradish into a food processor and pulse

3. Add creme fraise one spoon at a time to the mix and pulse until thoroughly mixed to a desirable pate like consistency

4. Add chopped chives and briefly pulse to mix through

5. Transfer the mix into a plastic container and refrigerate the parfait until it firms up to a consistency you can quenelle or shape with your spoon

6. Peel the carrots then use a speed peeler to make carrot ribbons and cucumber ribbons

7. Place the carrot ribbons in a plastic tub and season with salt and black pepper then cover with icing sugar and pour over the white wine vinegar. Set aside for a few hours to lightly pickle

8. Mix the mustard and mayonnaise together to make a dressing

9. To serve present a portion of parfait on a plate in a quenelle or attractive shape, add a few oatcakes, garnish with optional salad leaf, cucumber ribbons, pickled carrot and some mustard dill dressing.

WeeCOOKIES Chocolate snowballs


200g of Chocolate (chopped into equal sized pieces) from Fair trade Forfar

200g of double cream

150g of desiccated coconut


1. Get a grown up to boil the cream then add the chocolate to the pan and whisk in until it has all melted into a lovely chocolate sauce. Pour the mix into a plastic container and chill in the fridge for a few hours.

2. When ready to make your snowballs, tip the coconut onto a tray and take the chocolate mix out the fridge

3. Use a spoon to remove blobs of chocolate from the mix and quickly roll into balls and then straight into the tray of desiccated coconut. Repeat until you have made loads of snowballs!

4. Place the snowballs on a tray or in tubs in the fridge until you want to give them to friends or family as a gift or eat them yourself as a Christmas treat.

Haggis/Black pudding Wontons


Your favourite haggis/black pudding from Forfar Farmers market stall holders

100g Butter from Devenick dairy

Vegetable oil for deep frying

Your favourite Isabella's preserve

Wonton wrappers from a Chinese supermarket


1. Defrost wonton wrappers in their packet.

2. Place wonton wrappers flat on a clean work surface

3.Place a thumb nail sized blob of haggis or black pudding in the middle of each wonton wrapper.

4. Place an equal amount of your favourite chutney or preserve on top of each piece of haggis or black pudding.

5. Melt the butter and brush the edges of each wonton with butter then pinch each wonton into a bundle that looks like a money bag. If you do these in advance you can put the wonton parcels in a suitable tub and freeze until you need them.

6. To cook the wonton parcels with bake them in a hot oven (190 degrees C) until golden and cooked or deep fry in vegetable oil until crispy and cooked. Ensure centre of each wonton is cooked through i.e. to 83 degrees centigrade-use a temperature probe if you have one.

7. Let the wontons cool a little and then eat!