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Forfar Farmers Market June 2013 recipes

posted 3 Jun 2013, 04:55 by WeeCOOK Kitchen   [ updated 1 Jul 2013, 06:23 ]

1. Easy chicken biryani

INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

1 coffee mug of basmati rice that has been rinsed in cold water –check the fair trade stall

2 coffee mugs of boiling chicken stock made using the carcass of a Gartmorn free range chicken

2 Small diced Chicken breasts from a Gartmorn free range chicken

100g dried apricots

1 bay leaf

1 onion finely chopped from John Reid and sons

2 garlic cloves crushed into a puree from John Reid & sons

3 tablespoons of curry paste (not powder)

½ a teaspoon of turmeric

 A large handful of toasted almonds of cashew nuts

¼ of a block of unsalted butter from Devenick dairy

4 eggs from John Reid & sons

Sea salt & pepper

Vegetable/rapeseed oil

Coriander or parsley from Ashbrook Nurseries or Myreside Organics



1. In a wide based saucepan place a tablespoon of oil on to heat up to a med-high heat then place the onion into the pan to fry.

2. Once the onion has started to brown, add the garlic then add the turmeric, curry paste and chicken pieces to fry in the pan for 3 minutes.

3. Add the rice to the pan with 2 teaspoons of sea salt and fry in the chicken and spices for 1 minutes then add the 2 mugs of boiling chicken stock, a bay leaf and dried apricots.

4. Immediately place some greaseproof paper inside the pan and pat it down on the surface of the contents of the pan then place a tight fitting lid on top.

5. Let the rice cook on the heat for 6 minutes and the remove it from the heat (do not remove the lid) and let it rest for 9-10 minutes.

6. Whilst the rice is resting, place 4 eggs into a saucepan and cover with cold water then bring up to a boil and simmer for 4 minutes.

7. Take the lid off the rice and stir in the butter with a fork, add a little chopped coriander and the toasted almond or cashew

8. To serve carefully peel the eggs. Share the rice between 4 bowls and place an egg at the centre of one and finally sprinkle with some fresh parsley and coriander

2.Spanish omelette with new potatoes & aioli


300g Scottish or Jersey royal new potatoes from John Reid & sons

6 eggs from John Reid and sons

Smoked paprika

Black pepper

Pinch of sea salt

Rapeseed oil just a spot

Herbs from Ashbrook Nurseries or Myreside organics

Salad leaf from Myreside organics


1 clove of crushed Garlic from John reid & sons


1. Put a pan of cold water with a pinch of sea salt onto the hob.

2. Clean the new potatoes and put them into the cold water and then put the pan onto boil.

3. Time the potatoes as they only need to be cooked for 12-16 mins maximum.

4. When the timer goes, drain the potatoes into a colander to cool down.

5. When the potatoes are cool enough cut them into small cubes

6.. Put a non stick frying pan with a pudding spoon of oil onto a medium-high heat. When the oil is hot place the potatoes cubes into the pan to fry and get nice and crispy on the edges. Sprinkle them with a little smoked paprika and black pepper.

7. Whilst the potatoes are frying crack and whisk the eggs in a bowl

8. Pour the egg mix into the pan with the potatoes.

9. Once the omelette has cooked on the bottom either flip it over or finish it off under a medium hot grill. For best results and if you have a metal handled frying pan pop it in the oven until it is cooked. When its ready carefully tip it out onto a chopping board and slice and plate.

10. Mix a spoon of mayonnaise with some crushed garlic and put a dollop on top of the omelette and garnish with a few herbs and your favourite salad leaves then eat!

3. WeeCOOKIES Strawberries in blankets


1 box of strawberries from John Reid & sons or any soft fruit stalls

1 tablespoons of caster sugar

300ml of double/whipping cream

White and dark chocolate from the Fairtrade Forfar stall

100g plain flour from Aberfeldy Oatmeal

300ml of milk

2 large eggs from John Reid & sons

Veg or sunflower oil to fry the pancakes




1. Make the pancakes in advance or first by mixing the flour and eggs in a bowl and slowly add the milk mixing all the time with a whisk for that the pancake batter is smooth not lumpy. Make sure you then let the pancake mix rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.

2. To cook the pancakes children should be supervised. Place a non stick frying pan onto a high heat and add pudding spoon of oil. Once the oil is hot swish it around the pan and then tip the excess out the pan into a metal bowl.

3. Pour enough pancake mix into the pan to swish around the pan and make a nice thin pancake. When the tiny bubbles start showing through and all over pancake it is time to flip it or turn it over using a palette knife or fish slice.

4. Once the pancake is flipped it should only take 30-40 seconds to cook on the raw side, when it is ready remove it from the pan and put it on a chopping board to cool. Make more pancakes with the rest of the mix.

5. Cut each pancake into equal 3rds this will make them easier to roll and fill.

6. Whisk the cream with the sugar and put it into a piping bag

7. Melt the chocolate by breaking it into equal chunks and placing it in a plastic tub with a lid and microwaving it 30 seconds at a time until it is melted. Put the melted chocolate into small piping bags.

8. Give the strawberries a rinse in cold water and gently pat dry before removing the green husk.

9. Carefully cut the strawberries into wedges.

10 To assemble the strawberries in blankets simply pipe a line of cream onto the middle of one of the pancake pieces, place some strawberries on the cream and then roll the pancake up like a cone and place it on some baking paper whist you decorate it with melted chocolate before eating the whole thing in 2 or 3 bites!