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Forfar farmers market June 2016 recipes

posted 9 Jun 2016, 15:01 by WeeCOOK Kitchen
Puddledub Buffalo Sirloin Steak Hanging Kebab

1 or 2 Puddledub buffalo sirloin steaks
Scottish rapeseed oil
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper
Parsley from Ashbrook nurseries 
Garlic puree

1. Cut the steaks into cubes and marinate in rapeseed oil for 10-20 mins. Meanwhile heat a griddle pan or BBQ to a medium high heat.
2. Make garlic mayo by mixing a tea spoon of fresh chopped and pureed garlic and parsley together in a bowl with mayonnaise until you have a desired taste.
3. To make the garlic butter melt 100-150g of butter in a pan and add fresh chopped and pureed garlic plus a sprinkle of chopped parsley. Keep the butter warm until ready to serve.
4. Put the sirloin buffalo cubes on a skewer, season with salt and then cook on a griddle or BBQ. Cooking time depends on how you like your steaks. Turn after 1-2 minutes for a medium rare kebab and cook for a further 1-2 mins max. Remove from the griddle, sprinkle with black pepper and some chopped parsley and allow the kebab to rest before serving.
5. If you have a kebab stand, serve the kebab hanging up and put the garlic butter down the skewer over the meat. Serve with the garlic mayo and some sauce potatoes, salad or chips!