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Forfar Farmers Market May recipes 2016

posted 8 May 2016, 15:29 by WeeCOOK Kitchen
Oriental Pork with Noodles

Puddledub Pork boneless leg joint (small) 1kg
1 onion peeled and thinly sliced
1 courgette
Soy sauce
Sweet chilli sauce
1-2 teaspoon of 5 spice powder
Vegetable oil for frying
Salt & pepper as desired

1. Cook the noodles as per packet instructions then cook quickly by plunging into cold water and the draining until real to serve.
2. Cut the courgette into matchsticks or ribbons - use a julienne peeler or a spiraliser if you have one.
3. Remove any otter fat from the leg joint and slice as thin as you can into equal sized strips of pork.(do this in batches if you are cooking a lot of pork)
4. Put a wok or pan on a medium high heat- once it is hot add a dessert spoon of oil then stir fry the pork quickly until it is coloured. Add the onions, courgettes, five spice and continue to stir fry for a few minutes.
5. Finally add soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce until you are happy with the flavour.Season if required. Toss the noodles into the wok and stir with the pork stir fry and serve!

Pork Souvlaki

Puddledub pork boneless leg joint (small) 1kg
Dried oregano 1 dessert spoon
Juice of 1 lemon
Garlic puree 2 teaspoon
Rapeseed or olive oil.
Salt & pepper

1. Cut the pork into small dice (2-3cm squares) and marinate for 15 minutes in a bowl with all the other ingredients.
2. Heat a griddle or BBQ to a medium high heat.
3. Put the pork pieces onto suitable skewers the place on the griddle and once each side is seared and the pork is cooked through serve with a nice salad or in a flat bread with some yoghurt & cucumber.