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Easy Peasy Cheesy Risotto Sept 2014

posted 29 Sep 2014, 07:05 by WeeCOOK Kitchen   [ updated 29 Sep 2014, 07:18 ]

As demonstrated at the Intu Braehead #Greattaste event cooking demonstrations, and on the STV Glasgow Riverside show #Teaforatenner cooking slot in September 2014:

WeeCOOK's Easy Peasy Cheesy Risotto

Tablespoon of Scottish cold pressed rapeseed oil

2 Pints of hot stock, vegetable or chicken

 2 tablespoons olive oil

1 large onion, finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

400g Arborio risotto rice

2 wine glasses of white wine

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

70g butter

180g frozen peas

130g fine grated Parmesan/hard cheddar cheese


1. Heat the stock. In a separate pan, heat the rapeseed oil and butter, add the onions and garlic, and fry very slowly for about 15 minutes without colouring. When the vegetables have softened, add the rice and turn up the heat.

2. The rice will begin to lightly fry, so keep stirring it. After a minute it will look slightly translucent. Add the wine and keep stirring.

3. Once the wine has cooked into the rice, add your first ladle of hot stock and a good pinch of salt. Turn down the heat to a simmer so the rice doesn’t cook too quickly on the outside. Keep adding ladlefuls of stock, stirring and almost massaging the creamy starch out of the rice, allowing each ladleful to be absorbed before adding the next. This will take around 15 minutes. Taste the rice— is it cooked? Carry on adding stock until the rice is soft but with a slight bite. If you run out of stock before the rice s cooked, add some boiling water.

4. Remove from the heat and add the butter and Parmesan and frozen peas/ Stir well. Place a lid on the pan and allow to sit for a minute or so and then eat it!

Pistou risotto garnish

Basil 80g
Parmesan 50g
1 small garlic clove
100-150ml Scottish Rapeseed oil

1. Place basil, a small clove of garlic, a tablespoon of grated parmesan or hard cheddar into a plastic jug. Add some Scottish rapeseed oil and blitz with a stick blender into a pesto like consistency so that you can drizzle it all over your risotto to add a little extra finesse to your dish.