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June 2015 Forfar Farmers market recipes

posted 12 May 2015, 02:59 by WeeCOOK Kitchen   [ updated 18 Aug 2015, 07:09 ]

WeeCOOKIES Strawberry mice

Fresh Angus Strawberries

Blue or black coloured icing.

Flaked almonds

Dark mini chocolate chips

Red stawberry boot laces

Your favourite Devenick dairy cheese

Cocktail sticks

1. Pick the green leaf carefully off each strawberry then get an adult to help slice a small sliver off the bottom of each strawberry so it sits flat.

2. Decorate the strawberry by making to holes in the head with a cocktail stick for eyes and roll the coloured icing into tiny balls to make each eye. Squash a chocolate chip into the front of each strawberry to make a nose, then squash 2 almond flakes into the top of each strawberry to make ears. 

3. For the tail simply trim sections of the sweet bootlaces and then make a hole in the back of each strawberry and squash the tail in so it sticks.

4. Serve with cream or mini wedges of your favourite cheese

Fresh Pasta with courgettes & nut butter


 400g Aberfeldy Oatmeal plain flour

Spare flour/semolina for dusting

4 Medium eggs from John Reid & Sons

Sea salt & black pepper

Spot of rapeseed oil from Summer Harvest

1-2 courgett

es from Myreside organics

Sage or parsley from Ashbrook Nursery

1 Lemon

175g unsalted butter

Devenick Dairy cheddar




1.    Beat the eggs in a jug, then sieve the flour and a pinch of salt into a bowl. Make a well in the middle then add the eggs and start mixing with hands.

2.    Once the mix has become a dough, tip it onto the table and knead it like bread until the dough is smooth and elastic. When ready wrap the pasta dough in cling film and allow to rest in the fridge for 20-30 mins. Meanwhile use a julienne peeler to make noodles with courgettes and set aside until ready to cook.

3.    Roll the dough in a pasta machine or by hand until it is thin enough to make linguini.

4.    If using the pasta machine, set the dial to the fattest setting and roll through at least 6 times and repeat as you work down through the settings. If you have a linguini attachment use it to cut the pasta, alternatively, dust the pasta sheet with flour, roll it and then slice into very thin strips.

5.    Leave the pasta to dry out a little by hanging it on an improvised washing line in the kitchen, or on a tray dusted with flour or semolina.

6.    To cook the pasta, immerse it in salted boiling water for 3-4 minutes. In another pan melt the butter over a medium high heat until the butter starts to turn brown, remove from the heat and immediately add a squeeze of lemon juice and the herbs. Toss the linguini into the nut butter and warm until just tender then add some of the cooked pasta and toss together..garnish with more herbs or some cheddar!